about conversity.be

Conversity.be helps companies and organisations reach their business objectives by getting the most out of social media. In short: we get them from conversations to conversions.

Our services, from strategic consultancy over coaching and training to managed services, are based on the Conversity Model. This model consists of four layers: Observation, Conversation, Conversion, and Innovation. All four help you build meaningful interactions that make you reach your business objectives.

Observation is, obviously, all about collecting marketing insights about who’s who in your market, where they hang out and what makes them tick. Conversations are meaningless without these insights. In my book, Conversion is not about selling stuff to people regardless of their needs and wants, but about helping them buy what they are looking for. This behaviour allows sellers to get to know their potential customers better, and foster relationships with them to turn them into actual, long-term and loyal customers. And finally, for those who thought social media is more more of a cost center than a revenue channel: if done right, Innovation is the true return on investment of your social media efforts.

Our client portfolio in the past three years includes BMW, Puratos, Ernst & Young, Fortis BNP Paribas, Van Dessel insurance, Belgacom and of course Sanoma’s own brands Flair, Feeling, Moustique, Story and Libelle.

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